Beef with mushrooms and cherry - although this might sound a little bit exotic or sophisticated, it isn't. From all the meats, I prefer the beef and when it's possible, I prefer to cook in the oven and on small fire. Takes longer, but definitely taste better.
Cooking it's about love - just like anything else you do in life, must do it full-hearted. So, no rush, no


red onion
red wine
cherry (pitted cherries)
and herbs and spice as you like

First of all, I boiled the beef for a half of hour with a few bay leaf. Meanwhile I chopped two medium red onions and garlic and put them in my casserole.
Then I chopped also the beef in cubes and put them over the bed of onion and garlic and to pour the red wine till everything was almost covered. 
I put the dish in my oven on very small fire for one and half/two hours.
Then I added the mushrooms and some herbs and spices. I used tarragon, oregano, thyme and rosemary, added some curry powder and chili powder, basil and curry.
I put back the dish in casserole back in the oven for one more hour.
As a last "trick", finally I add the pitted cherries for 30-45 minutes while I prepare the rice as side dish.

I think it isn't complicated and worth the effort: Bon Appétit!!


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